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Spark Productions is an independent production company that adds a spark of insight, energy and momentum to every project. We seek socially-relevant stories, often outside the Hollywood mainstream, that deserve to be produced and discovered by a devoted audience. We produce both documentary and feature films and can get involved in a project from the earliest stages of idea development, to joining later in production, post-production or distribution. One special interest is developing and producing historical stories that have compelling modern-day relevance. Producers are catalysts, midwives and connectors, and we revel in making the connections that our filmmakers need whenever possible.
Located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Spark Productions benefits from being part of the thriving documentary filmmaker community in the Triangle, exemplified by the Southern Documentary Fund, the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University, and the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, as well as award-winning public television and radio stations. Through our principal’s co-ownership of Manifold Recording in nearby Pittsboro, North Carolina, we can provide filmmakers access to state-of-the art music and video recording and editing equipment and studio facilities to create their work. This is not a required part of our filmmaking partnerships, but is one more powerful resource that we can offer.

Dr. Amy Tiemann

Dr. Amy Tiemann is the President of Spark Productions and co-owner of Manifold Recording, a world-class media production studio. As an award-winning author, educator and media producer, Dr. Tiemann brings informed insights to each of her varied projects. As a scientist, Tiemann earned her Ph.D. in neuroscience from Stanford University. Her background includes years of cutting-edge brain research as well as extensive classroom teaching experience. As an author, she is currently finishing her fifth book. Her interests in teaching, writing and media led her to film producing as a way to connect important stories to a wide, receptive audience. Tiemann has been a passionate, lifelong advocate for human rights and equality, with a specific mission of reducing childhood trauma and eliminating sexual assault in all forms. She is a nationally-recognized expert on personal safety for people of all ages. Tiemann’s interest in personal safety and self-development extends to martial arts; she is a black belt practitioner of to-shin do ninjutsu. Each of these areas of expertise informs Dr. Tiemann’s perspective as an executive producer. To learn more about Dr. Tiemann’s work please visit www.amytiemann.com

“Amy Tiemann is a force of nature and nurture. She is the perfect producer to have in your corner. She brings creative and commercial solutions forward and understands how to support and inspire her filmmakers. She gives every bit of herself to every project and team.”

Deborah Riley Draper, Writer/Director ‘Olympic Pride American Prejudice’ (2017 NAACP Image Awards nominee)